Friday, September 23, 2022

Upcoming features from the August 23 patch


Happy 10th anniversary




Jade Bot
[&AgFCggEA]Candlewick Sprite Jade Bot SKin

Not a mount
[&AgFFggEAAA==]Meandering Tortoise Chair

[&AgE+ggEAAA==]Kirin Jackal Skin
[&AgFiggEAAA==]Mount Select License
[&AgF6ggEAAA==]Black Lion Special Mount Selection License

[&AgGKggEAAA==]Etherbound Legguard
[&AgE5ggEAAA==]Etherbound Chestplate
[&AgFGggEAAA==]Etherbound Helm

Water Dragon
[&AgFmggEAAA==]Water Dragon Crest Helm Skin

Booster Packs
[no code]Life with Friends Box
[no code]Steam Welcome Pack
[no code]Steam Elite Jump-Start Package

New Kaineng Weapons
[&CugqAAA=]New Kaineng Axe
[&Cg8rAAA=]New Kaineng Dagger
[&ChArAAA=]New Kaineng Focus
[&Cu4qAAA=]New Kaineng Greatsword
[&Cu0qAAA=]New Kaineng Hammer
[&CtwqAAA=]New Kaineng Longbow
[&Cv4qAAA=]New Kaineng Mace
[&CuMqAAA=]New Kaineng Pistol
[&CgUrAAA=]New Kaineng Rifle
[&Ct8qAAA=]New Kaineng Scepter
[&CgcrAAA=]New Kaineng Shield
[&Cg4rAAA=]New Kaineng Short Bow
[&CvYqAAA=]New Kaineng Staff
[&CvwqAAA=]New Kaineng Sword
[&CvoqAAA=]New Kaineng Torch
[&CtsqAAA=]New Kaineng Warhorn

War Machine
[&AgFYggEA]War Machine Weapon Skin Selection
2719151_0988Use this to select a weapon skin from the War Machine collection.
[&CvcqAAA=]War Machine Axe
[&CvsqAAA=]War Machine Dagger
[&CukqAAA=]War Machine Focus
[&Cv8qAAA=]War Machine Greatsword
[&CtgqAAA=]War Machine Hammer
[&Cg0rAAA=]War Machine Longbow
[&CuwqAAA=]War Machine Mace
[&CucqAAA=]War Machine Pistol
[&Ct0qAAA=]War Machine Rifle
[&CgkrAAA=]War Machine Scepter
[&CtoqAAA=]War Machine Shield
[&CggrAAA=]War Machine Short Bow
[&CgwrAAA=]War Machine Staff
[&CuEqAAA=]War Machine Sword
[&CgYrAAA=]War Machine Torch
[&CgsrAAA=]War Machine Warhorn

[&ChErAAA=]Decade's Guild
[&ChMrAAA=]Decade's War
[&AgFhggEA]Decade's Reach
[&AgFoggEA]Decade's Path
[&AgFWggEA]Decade's Saga
[&AgFMggEA]Decade's End
[&AgF9ggEA]Decade's Heart
[&AgE/ggEA]Decade's Star
[&AgFsggEA]Tray of Decade Desserts
[&AgFNggEA]Decade Enhancement Station
[&AgFJggEA]Guild Anniversary Banner

2724286_0266WvW World Restructuring Beta Veteran 1

2709262_0637Thank you for purchasing the Steam Complete Collection.
2709262_0930Living World Full Unlock