Saturday, July 27, 2019

Scrapped Creature Codex Library

At one point during Guild Wars 2's development there were so called creature codices. These were collectible books that provided you with a skill point and played a cut scene telling you more about the creature when you read them.

These were removed somewhere before the beta started and until now we've only had the titles and descriptions of a few of them. After digging around I've managed to recover text 31 that were finalized.

Friday, July 05, 2019

Super Adventure Box: the lost zones

I've dug up some information on what they had planned for the remaining Super Adventure Box zones, maybe we'll get to vanquish Lord Vanquish one day.

Zone 1

  • We start our journey in a SUNNY GLADE, confident that we will find her.
  • Now we venture into the DARK WOODS where shadows loom.
  • We must enter the KINGDOM OF FUNGUS, where tales are told of a terrifying tyrant.
  • Our glorious victory has left us exuberant and rambunctious. Let us destroy that CART!

Zone 2

  • Do you hear the sound of rushing RAPIDS?
  • Many adventurers have met their end falling from the PAIN CLIFFS.
  • Look, there is the summit of STORM TOP! The locals tell of a powerful wizard who lives there.
  • The STORM WIZARD left us stranded. To make matters worse, now we're being beset by ROBBERS!

Zone 3

  • We find refreshment in the SPARKLING POOLS, and our friendship is renewed.
  • Time to hold our breaths as we go UNDERWATER.
  • We will find our way back up through THE MINES.
  • Rumor has it a powerful creature block the exit to COLLAPSING CAVERNS.
  • We survived the CAVES. Time to need rest. OH NO ROBBERS AGAIN!

Zone 4

  • Our final assault begins in THE GRAVEYARD.
  • Now we will storm THE GATEHOUSE!
  • The smells of evil magic are coming from the LABORATORY.
  • Finally we emerge onto the PARAPETS where LORD VANQUISH dwells.

The End

  • LORD VANQUISH has been vanquished. We rose up and smote him down. Now the land will finally be at peace?