Friday, July 05, 2019

Super Adventure Box: the lost zones

I've dug up some information on what they had planned for the remaining Super Adventure Box zones, maybe we'll get to vanquish Lord Vanquish one day.

Zone 1

  • We start our journey in a SUNNY GLADE, confident that we will find her.
  • Now we venture into the DARK WOODS where shadows loom.
  • We must enter the KINGDOM OF FUNGUS, where tales are told of a terrifying tyrant.
  • Our glorious victory has left us exuberant and rambunctious. Let us destroy that CART!

Zone 2

  • Do you hear the sound of rushing RAPIDS?
  • Many adventurers have met their end falling from the PAIN CLIFFS.
  • Look, there is the summit of STORM TOP! The locals tell of a powerful wizard who lives there.
  • The STORM WIZARD left us stranded. To make matters worse, now we're being beset by ROBBERS!

Zone 3

  • We find refreshment in the SPARKLING POOLS, and our friendship is renewed.
  • Time to hold our breaths as we go UNDERWATER.
  • We will find our way back up through THE MINES.
  • Rumor has it a powerful creature block the exit to COLLAPSING CAVERNS.
  • We survived the CAVES. Time to need rest. OH NO ROBBERS AGAIN!

Zone 4

  • Our final assault begins in THE GRAVEYARD.
  • Now we will storm THE GATEHOUSE!
  • The smells of evil magic are coming from the LABORATORY.
  • Finally we emerge onto the PARAPETS where LORD VANQUISH dwells.

The End

  • LORD VANQUISH has been vanquished. We rose up and smote him down. Now the land will finally be at peace?