Friday, August 11, 2017

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

the Historical Guide to Tyria Version 3 - Extended Map and Nightfall!

I've been working very hard on this brand new version of my guide for several weeks and with the new world map the historical guide has grown bigger than before, featuring:
  • Brand new world map!
  • Over 100 new PoI's, outposts and zone borders from Guild Wars Nightfall
  • Extra zoom levels and backwards compatibility with version 2 URLs
Small spoiler warning: this map includes this weekend's beta zone (but non of that leaked stuff)

Links and Info

Downloads will be available at a later stage, version 2 can still be found here. If some things appear off or the old map still shows: CTRL+F5 for a hard refresh or clear your cache.

Chat-codes and screenshots of the new outfits, armors and weapons

 First of all a small PSA, I've seen this so many times after each patch and wanted to address it now:

- Don't be a jerk by posting items in map-chat! -

There's plenty of ways to preview these items without spamming everybody (and keep in mind a lot of people don't want to know about these items yet). So here's two foolproof methods that don't involve being a jerk:
  1. Whisper them to yourself.
  2. Create a squad and post them in squad chat (/d) (You can even create a squad without tagging up by creating a LFG party and immediately remove it)

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

High resolution unexplored world map
Currently doing some finishing touches on the brand new Historical Guide (hope everything will be finished by tomorrow) but I thought it would be nice to share a high resolution version of the new unexplored world map first.
Warning: do not open on mobile devices unless you like to crash.

Upcoming features from the August 8 patch

I can't sign into the game so there won't be any chat codes this time. I also won't go through ALL the strings this time because there's several thousand new ones. So here's today's mostly automated data-mining post