Sunday, May 24, 2015

Modrem Axe model

It's been a while since I could do a weapon or armor render. Here is one of the new HoT Mordrem themed weapons

Friday, May 22, 2015

Additional mastery tiers

With the closed beta coming up next week here are some additional mastery tiers that were added to this week's patch to get you in the mood.

Gliding Mastery

  • Improved design to your glider handles and wing slits lets you confidently fly into updrafts, allowing you to gain altitude and travel to previously unreachable locations.
  • You learn to bind the wings of your glider with stronger straps, allowing you to fly through downdrafts without being blown out of the air!
  • Finding deep core strength after many flights, you've learned to maintain flight while tilting backwards and stalling in midair. You've also learned to land without noise to gain temporary invisibility on landing.
  • With practice, you've perfected your flying style. You can now lean forward and increase your airspeed at the cost of endurance.
  • You and your glider fly as one. Outside of leaning abilities, you're able to fly without endurance cost.

Exalted Lore

  • The Exalted have taught you to use springs found throughout the jungle to cure your ailments and receive beneficial effects.
  • The Exalted have taught you to methodically remove rare materials from ore in Auric Basin, giving you a chance to get <insert exalted resource> while you're mining.

Nuhoch Lore

  • The Nuhoch have taught you to stand in defiance of the wyverns. They can no longer knock you down with their wing buffets.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Upcoming features from the May 19 update

It's patch day and these are the new items and features. Please entertain yourself with this short video while I mine some more.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Colortron 5000 project page

As a bit of preparation for the mobile trading post web-app I've successfully made a project page for colortron 5000.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Specialization Calculator update

Just a small heads up on the specialization calculator and the changes we've made to it over the past week thanks to your feedback.
  • All tooltips now show their internal cooldown.
  • Short URLs are now in place. They no longer break reddit or twitter posts and are much easier on the eyes.
  • Very old URLs (made on the day of release) will no longer function.
  • Dragonhunter and Chronomancer have been implemented along with placeholders for the Tempest, Druid and Reaper.
  • Elite specializations now have a flavor color to differentiate them from the core specializations.
Of course any feedback, bug reports or suggestions you have are much appreciated, enjoy!


Saturday, May 02, 2015

Specialization Calculator

As you might have seen in WP's elementalist video a few days ago I've been working on a trait builder that mimics the upcoming in game version of it. To keep things short:
  • All traits have been written down by /u/dulfy and are based on last week's ready up stream
  • The elementalist tooltips have extra flavor thanks to /u/WoodenPotatoes helping out
  • Revenant traits are based on what we know of from the stress test
  • You can share builds by copying the URL and changing your traits will automatically update the link
  • More flavor will be added to the tooltips the coming week(s)
If you have any suggestions, complaints or other messages just leave them below!



  • URLs no longer fill your browser history on HTML5 capable browsers
  • URLs are now human readable (old links will work for a while but will be removed in the future)
  • Fixed a bug with wilderness survival not fitting inside the box