Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Updated portal incursions schedule

After writing down a lot of data points down all day and asking around to verify things I've (hopefully) figured out the updated portal incursions schedule:
  • Each Map will only be invaded ~3.5 times a day (it was 12 times before)
  • The schedule has been changed from a 6 hour rotation to a weekly rotation
  • Each day of the week has a different schedule making it easy for you to catch up if you only play a few minutes a day
This is still subject to change and I'm not entirely sure if the schedule is fixed but so far it doesn't appear to be affected by things like patches and server resets.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Presenting SkrittCoin - Tyria's first cryptocurrency - mine directly in your browser!

n the modern day and age cryptocurrencies are the new rage. So I present SkrittCoin, a new currency that relies on Collective intelligence blockchain technology to gather as much shinies as possible.

Visit now!

How To

Mining SkrittCoin has never been this easy!
  • Open the SkrittCoin miner in your favorite browser of choice
  • Use the ARROW keys or WASD to move around on desktop computers
  • Use the touch controls on mobile devices and tablets
  • Gamepads are supported on most browsers on both desktop and mobile
  • Collect as many SkrittCoin as possible
  • Find hidden chests to get more shinies!
  • You'll find more rewards if you dig deeper but beware of the dangers down below!
  • If you get stuck use the menu in the top-left corner to abbandon your Skritt or start a new level
  • All levels are uniquely generated and can be shared by copying the URL