Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Upcoming features from the April 24 patch

Small patch today, next one is expected in 2 weeks.




[&C0wAAAA=]Primeval Dervish Outfit
1964846_0810Dervish Package now available!
1972733_0731Dervish Package

Weapon Skin
[&CrEfAAA=]Suntouched Scythe

[&AgG6VQEAAA==]Exo-Suit Raptor
[&AgHAVQEAAA==]Exo-Suit Springer
[&AgG7VQEAAA==]Exo-Suit Skimmer
[&AgG5VQEAAA==]Exo-Suit Jackal
[&AgG4VQEAAA==]Exo-Suit Griffon
1964846_0425Exo-Suit Mounts Pack
1964842_0306Exo-Suit Mounts Pack now available!

Bonus weekend event
1978273_0102World vs World No-Downed-State Weekend
1978273_0235The downed state has been disabled in WvW during this event! Additionally, earn double WXP, increased reward-track progress, and increased magic find! The event runs until May 11, 3:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7).

Classic weapon skins
1978272_0854Check in each day this week for a classic weapon skin, returning for a limited time.