Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Unused assets from the Scale Guide for Bookahs

When I make stuff like the scale guide I always go for overkill, so I'm sitting on 500mb+ of high resolution renders and thought it could be useful to share some of these.
They are all rendered with orthographic perspective (no depth) and without normal maps to get the more stylized look I wanted to have for the guide. Feel free to use them for any GW2 project of your own!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

the Official Monster Scale Guide for Bookahs

A couple of days ago /u/Chiorydax made a funny post "comparing" the size of Zaithan and the Mouth of Mordremoth.
Of course I thought: why not do this for real? And why not crank it up a notch and include even more monsters? The end result: the Scale Guide for Bookahs (or: comparing big things to Kasmeer Meade)


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Translation and hidden message of the scribe backpack(s)

With the release of HoT ArenaNet added plenty of text in New Krytan and Asuran for us to translate. One you might not have been aware of is that the paper found on all scribe backpacks have a long message written on them.
Because these are impossible to read in game I decided to fetch one of the textures from the DAT and translated it.. looks like ArenaNet is on to me.. enjoy!


Special first edition
Part 1: Paper
Any Scribe worth their salt knows that
low quality paper leads to ink bleeding,
diminished life span of the scroll and
increased risk of visual strain during use.
Universally a schematic written on poor
paper is more generally suited for
cleaning the viscous liquid excreted from the
airways of its intended reader.
New Scribes, of course, will not be able to
comprehend the intricacies of paper
creation, so the first section of this
lesson will, instead, cover the proper
procedures involved in the cleaning
of inkwells and quills.
If you've read this far perhaps
you do have what it takes to be
a Scribe. After all it is an
impressive feat to mine this
scroll from the archives.

Full map of Rata Novus

I've seen plenty of people speculate about Rata Novus and what it could've been. So I thought I might help a little by fetching the full map from the DAT and show how it actually looks like without the fog.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

New back item from the November 4 update

I'm a bit late with my data-mining post today but I wasn't around when the patch went live and in the end there wasn't enough content to write a full post about anyway. Enjoy!