Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Upcoming features from the May 19 update

It's patch day and these are the new items and features. Please entertain yourself with this short video while I mine some more.


Heart of Thorns
992375_0159Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is now available for prepurchase. Buy now to receive the Maguuma Trailblazer exclusive title and access to all beta weekend events.

[&DBYAAAA=]Mad Scientist Outfit

[&C24XAAA=]Canach's Backpack
[&C3MXAAA=]Daydreamer's Wings Backpack

Weapon skins
[&C2QXAAA=]Chain-Whip Sword

Mini pets
983709_0443Miniature Beetle Available
[&AgE6EAEA]Miniature Beetle

BLC Skins
992366_0332Daydreamer's Weapons
[&C30XAAA=]Daydreamer's Hammer
[&C3wXAAA=]Daydreamer's Mace
[&C3oXAAA=]Daydreamer's Greatsword
[&C3kXAAA=]Daydreamer's Short Bow
[&C3YXAAA=]Daydreamer's Scepter
[&C3QXAAA=]Daydreamer's Staff
[&C3MXAAA=]Daydreamer's Wings Backpack
[&C3IXAAA=]Daydreamer's Torch
[&C3EXAAA=]Daydreamer's Focus
[&C28XAAA=]Daydreamer's Shield
[&C20XAAA=]Daydreamer's Axe
[&C2wXAAA=]Daydreamer's Rifle
[&C2sXAAA=]Daydreamer's Longbow
[&C2oXAAA=]Daydreamer's Sword
[&C2kXAAA=]Daydreamer's Warhorn
[&C2cXAAA=]Daydreamer's Pistol
[&C2UXAAA=]Daydreamer's Dagger

963302_0776Gold Shard
963418_0747Chalk Egg
992373_0968Jar of Itzel Poison

[&AgGaEAEAAA==]Permanent Honor Guard Finisher
109842_0405Limited-Use First Place Trophy Finisher
109842_0407Limited-Use Second Place Trophy Finisher
109873_0717Limited-Use Third Place Trophy Finisher
109873_0716Crush your opponents with this huge trophy finishing move in PvP and WvW.