Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Upcoming features from the August 17 patch

Beta weekend number 1 is here!





[&CmQnAAA=]Aurene Statue Cape

[no code]Magical Appearance Package
[&AgHecwEAAA==]Magical Weapon Choice
[&AgHrcwEAAA==]Magical Outfit
[&AgHgcwEAAA==]Cute Angel Wings Glider
[&AgH9cwEAAA==]Cute Angel Wings Backpack
[no code]Cute Angel Wings Backpack and Glider Combo
[&CmwnAAA=]Magical Axe
[&Cm8nAAA=]Magical Dagger
[&ClsnAAA=]Magical Focus
[&ClknAAA=]Magical Greatsword
[&ClcnAAA=]Magical Hammer
[&CmcnAAA=]Magical Long Bow
[&Cm0nAAA=]Magical Mace
[&ClYnAAA=]Magical Pistol
[&CmknAAA=]Magical Rifle
[&ClwnAAA=]Magical Scepter
[&CmUnAAA=]Magical Shield
[&CmonAAA=]Magical Short Bow
[&CmInAAA=]Magical Staff
[&CnAnAAA=]Magical Sword
[&ClUnAAA=]Magical Torch
[&CmMnAAA=]Magical Warhorn

Weapon Skins
[&ClgnAAA=]Vermillion Short Bow
[&Cl4nAAA=]Vermillion Long Bow
[&AgEEdAEAAA==]Baleful Dragon Pistol Skin

[no code]Immortal Nimbus Package
[&AgHzcwEAAA==]Immortal Fire Nimbus Skin
[&AgEIdAEAAA==]Immortal Light Nimbus Skin

Shiba Inu
[&AgHlcwEA]Mini Black and Tan Shiba Inu
[&AgHQcwEA]Mini Blazing Shiba Inu
[&AgHvcwEA]Mini Blue Shiba Inu
[&AgHVcwEA]Mini Cream Shiba Inu
[&AgHUcwEA]Mini Crimson Shiba Inu
[&AgH0cwEA]Mini Gold Shiba Inu
[&AgHdcwEA]Mini Red Shiba Inu
[&AgHwcwEA]Mini Sesame Shiba Inu
2472403_0625Mini Shiba Pup Reward Chest
2461331_0677Mini Silver Shiba Inu
[&AgHScwEA]Mini Starry Shiba Inu

[&AgH3cwEAAA==]Dragon Emblem Cape

Supply Drop
[&AgHfcwEAAA==]9th Anniversary Supply Drop Requisition
[&AgH7cwEAAA==]Black Lion Chair Voucher

2441081_0697Your beta character is currently unavailable because there are no Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion beta events in progress. Please check our website for more details about beta events: https://endofdragons.guildwars2.com
2441268_0816In Beta Map
2441268_0817Not in Beta Map
2441268_0818You can't teleport between beta and nonbeta maps.
2441295_0725Temporarily Unlocked for Beta
2441297_0052Progress and rewards earned by beta characters will not be saved.
2441324_0566Double-click to create a beta character.
2441540_0059The Trading Post is disabled in the End of Dragons beta.

2479494_0982Disable Skill Highlighting