Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Upcoming features from the May 11 patch


Today's data-mining post is going to be a lot shorter than you're used to because they've made a very significant change to the client today to spare you the technical details: every single line of text has been replaced with a new one, so everything that's old is new today. At least here's the upcoming gemstore items and schedule.





Ice Reaver Armor
[&AgELcwEAAA==]Ice Reaver Chestguard Skin
[&AgEUcwEAAA==]Ice Reaver Legguards Skin

Demon Wings
[&AgEScwEAAA==]Cute Demon Wings Glider
[&AgEPcwEAAA==]Cute Demon Wings Backpack

[&AgEHcwEA]Forming a New Legion
[&AgEJcwEA]Steel Tactics
[&AgEKcwEA]Across the Sea of Sorrow
[&AgENcwEA]Jormag Speaks
[&AgEOcwEA]Forging Steel
[&AgEQcwEA]Edge of the Mists
[&AgERcwEA]The Lunatic Court
[&AgETcwEA]Wintersday in Lion's Arch
[&AgEVcwEA]TT6-B Devourer
[&AgEWcwEA]The Icebrood Saga
[&AgEIcwEA]Full Collection