Tuesday, December 15, 2020

 Wintersday is here and will be the last patch of this year




[&AgGycAEA]Festive Winter Hood (Heavy)
[&AgG5cAEA]Festive Winter Hood (Light)
[&AgHhcAEA]Festive Winter Hood (Medium)

[&AgHgcAEAAA==]Plush Griffon Skin

[&AgG/cAEAAA==]Stylish Shoes Skin

[&AgHbcAEAAA==]Shimmering Aurora Cape

[no code]Shrine Guardian Backpack and Glider Combo
[&AgHVcAEAAA==]Shrine Guardian Glider Skin
[&AgG3cAEAAA==]Shrine Guardian Backpack Skin

[no code]Shrine Guardian Bow Pack
[&AgHBcAEAAA==]Shrine Guardian Longbow Skin
[&AgHRcAEAAA==]Shrine Guardian Short Bow Skin

Black Lion
[&AgHYqwAA]Black Lion Claim Ticket

Sparkling Wrapped Weapons
2375127_0721Sparkling Wrapped Weapons
2352900_0636Sparkling Wrapped Axe
2348595_0799Sparkling Wrapped Dagger
2352900_0526Sparkling Wrapped Focus
2352900_0627Sparkling Wrapped Greatsword
2352900_0140Sparkling Wrapped Hammer
2352900_0174Sparkling Wrapped Longbow
2348595_0887Sparkling Wrapped Mace
2352900_0301Sparkling Wrapped Pistol
2348595_0864Sparkling Wrapped Rifle
2352900_0618Sparkling Wrapped Scepter
2352901_0362Sparkling Wrapped Shield
2352900_0308Sparkling Wrapped Short Bow
2352900_0061Sparkling Wrapped Staff
2348595_0992Sparkling Wrapped Sword
2352900_0484Sparkling Wrapped Torch
2348595_0970Sparkling Wrapped Warhorn

Shimmering Aurora Weapons
2375127_0950Shimmering Aurora Weapons
2324050_0891Shimmering Aurora Chest
2344265_0876Shimmering Aurora Axe
2344265_0763Shimmering Aurora Dagger
2344265_0479Shimmering Aurora Focus
2344265_0251Shimmering Aurora Greatsword
2344265_0003Shimmering Aurora Hammer
2344265_0100Shimmering Aurora Longbow
2344265_0211Shimmering Aurora Mace
2344265_0255Shimmering Aurora Pistol
2344265_0675Shimmering Aurora Rifle
2344265_0684Shimmering Aurora Scepter
2344266_0232Shimmering Aurora Shield
2344266_0087Shimmering Aurora Short Bow
2344265_0420Shimmering Aurora Staff
2344265_0070Shimmering Aurora Sword
2344265_0259Shimmering Aurora Torch
2338740_1015Shimmering Aurora Warhorn

Candy Cane Weapons
2352901_0547Candy Cane Axe
2352901_0193Candy Cane Focus
2348595_0899Candy Cane Greatsword
2348595_0901Candy Cane Hammer
2348595_0909Candy Cane Longbow
2352900_0495Candy Cane Mace
2352900_0742Candy Cane Rifle
2352900_0100Candy Cane Shield
2348595_0893Candy Cane Short Bow
2352900_0625Candy Cane Staff
2352900_0818Candy Cane Torch
2352901_0273Candy Cane Warhorn

Wintergreen Weapons
2352900_0686Wintergreen Axe
2352901_0523Wintergreen Focus
2348595_0846Wintergreen Greatsword
2348595_1011Wintergreen Hammer
2352900_0238Wintergreen Longbow
2352901_0000Wintergreen Mace
2352901_0603Wintergreen Rifle
2352900_0596Wintergreen Shield
2352901_0531Wintergreen Short Bow
2352901_0266Wintergreen Staff
2352900_0410Wintergreen Torch
2352901_0196Wintergreen Warhorn

2348595_0720Wintersday Star
2348595_0793Embellished Wintersday Star
2348595_0776Draped Wintersday Garland
2352900_0249Wintersday Garland