Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Upcoming features from the September 29 patch

Fractal rush event is here




Meow meow meow
[&AgGXbwEAAA==]Cat-Ear Hood Skin

Weapon Skin
[&AgGWbwEAAA==]Tiger Insignia Axe Skin

Backpack and Glider
[&AgGSbwEAAA==]Stained Glass Wings Glider
[&AgGZbwEAAA==]Stained Glass Wings Backpack Skin
2303559_0966Stained Glass Wings Backpack and Glider Combo

Fractal Rush
2163592_0955Complete Fractals of the Mists to earn trophies. Spend these trophies on rewards at a fractal researcher to contribute to global community goals!
[&AgGabwEA]Endless Fractal Challenge Mote Tonic
2338740_0126This odd item hints at being part of something greater. Someone near a fractal gateway is looking to trade for this.
2332667_0511Transform into a Challenge Mote for 15 minutes or until hit. You cannot move while transformed.
[&AgGRbwEA]Sense of Community Trophy
2175219_0337Community Goal Reward
[&AgGVbwEA]Community Goal Reward Tier 1
[&AgGdbwEA]Community Goal Reward Tier 2
[&AgGUbwEA]Community Goal Reward Tier 3
[&AgGTbwEA]Community Goal Reward Tier 4
[&AgGYbwEA]Community Goal Reward Tier 5

[&AgGbbwEA]Endless Potion of Ascalonian Mages

PvP Tournament Week
2332667_0206Enjoy a series of special event tournaments culminating in the Tournament of Legends!
2332668_0845PvP Tournament Week