Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Upcoming features from the February 5 patch

Gemstore and bug fix patch today, next one will probably be in two weeks.




2107458_0127Wings of Love Backpack Glider Combo
[&AgGfXwEAAA==]Wings of Love Backpack Skin
2107458_0410You already own this skin, or you must have the Wings of Love Glider unlocked to acquire it.
2101153_0628Our records indicate that you acquired a Wings of Love glider skin from us at some point in the past. We recently released a matching backpack skin and would like to offer you one at no additional cost to help complete your set. To pick up your free Wings of Love Backpack Skin, please visit any Black Lion Exchange Specialist and look for it under the Gliders tab. Enjoy! —Black Lion Trading Company

[&AgGkXwEAAA==]Flying Boar Glider

[&AgGgXwEAAA==]Club Chair

2101153_0527Earthshaker Mining Tool now available!
[&AgH8WwEAAA==]Earthshaker Mining Tool

2107458_0316Tournament of Legends
2101153_0671PvP League Season Twenty
2101153_0790PvP League Season Nineteen
2101153_0688PvP League Season Eighteen
2107458_0415PvP League Season Seventeen
2101153_0869PvP League Season Sixteen
2107458_0778Ranked Players