Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Upcoming features from the September 18 patch

Huge update so here are some of the new items!

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[&AgHHWgEAAA==]Dreadnought Raptor Skin

2040257_0829Zafirah's Package
2040257_0648Zafirah's Package now available!
1992048_0222Let your inner deadeye take aim with Zafirah's Tactical Outfit.
[&AgG3WgEAAA==]Zafirah's Rifle Skin
[&AgHoWgEAAA==]Zafirah's Tactical Outfit

Mini Pets
1964842_0608Miniature-Pet Menagerie
2015904_0512Mini Baby Mount Container
[&AgGoWgEA]Mini Kenut
[&AgEkWwEA]Mini Nikare
[&AgGDWwEA]Mini Zommoros
[&AgELWgEA]Mini Qadim
[&AgG/WQEA]Mini Zafirah
[&AgFaWgEA]Mini Desert Fox
[&AgFYWgEA]Mini Branded Riftstalker
[&AgH7WQEA]Mini Branded Riftcrawler

[&AgFUWgEA]Volatile Singularity


Qadim's Weapons
1933150_0178Qadim's Lamp
[&CpggAAA=]Qadim's War Gavel
[&CtkgAAA=]Qadim's Flamebelcher

Largos Weapons
[&CqsgAAA=]Largos' Greatbow
[&CpEgAAA=]Largos' Swiftblade

Amalgamate Weapons
[&CtwgAAA=]Conjured Amalgamate's Shield
[&Cs4gAAA=]Conjured Amalgamate's Greatblade

[&CpsgAAA=]Branded Eye of Argon
[&CtYgAAA=]Staff of the Inevitable

Elegy Armor
1964843_0724Elegy Boots
1964844_0236Elegy Bracers
1964846_0525Elegy Breeches
1952024_0979Elegy Chestguard
1964846_0526Elegy Coronet
1964845_0860Elegy Epaulets
1964845_0482Elegy Gambeson
1952024_1016Elegy Gauntlets
1964844_0548Elegy Gloves
1964845_0947Elegy Greaves
1964842_0990Elegy Helm
1964844_0899Elegy Leggings
1964842_0109Elegy Pauldrons
1964844_0087Elegy Plate
1964845_0514Elegy Shoulders
1964844_0609Elegy Tassets
1952024_0916Elegy Visage
1964845_0442Elegy Walkers

Requiem Armor
1964846_0067Requiem Boots
1964843_0026Requiem Bracers
1964846_0092Requiem Breeches
1964842_0461Requiem Chestguard
1964843_0528Requiem Coronet
1964844_0418Requiem Epaulets
1964845_0193Requiem Gambeson
1964844_0969Requiem Gauntlets
1964845_0893Requiem Gloves
1964844_0987Requiem Greaves
1964845_0627Requiem Helm
1964846_0097Requiem Leggings
1964843_0805Requiem Pauldrons
1964846_0445Requiem Plate
1964842_0267Requiem Shoulders
1964844_0845Requiem Tassets
1964844_0382Requiem Visage
1964844_0438Requiem Walkers

[&AgG3WQEA]Lump of Mistonium
[&AgH8WgEA]Mistonium Node
2010369_0194Activates a mistonium node in your home instance.

Legendary Ring
[&AgGlWQEA]Legendary Divination

[&AgFmWwEA]Jahai Bluffs Portal Scroll
[&AgG9WgEA]Sun's Refuge Portal Scroll

1978274_0644Prospector's Mining Pick
1983840_0359Prospector's Logging Axe
1983841_0244Prospector's Harvesting Sickle
1978274_0883Glyph of the Prospector (Unused)

1896625_0275Master your bond with Aurene so that she can let you rejuvenate your mount's endurance.
1896625_0332Aurene has granted you the ability to rejuvenate the endurance of your active mount.
[&AgFnWwEA]Djinn Teleportation Device
2015904_0858Adventure: Run Around for No Reason
2015903_0171Because it's fun!