Thursday, March 31, 2016

Upcoming features from the March 31 patch

SAB has finally returned! Also word of advice: if you find something on the API dig deeper, tomorrow's SAB dailies were showing all day. Enjoy!



Leather Rack
1419041_0211This activates a basic leather rack within your home instance for daily gathering.
[&AgHDMAEAAA==]Basic Leather Rack

[&AgG5MAEAAA==]Super Adventure Glider

Kaiser Snake Skins
[&AgHUMAEAAA==]Kaiser Snake Backpack Cover
[&AgG+MAEAAA==]Ascended Kaiser Snake Longbow + Unstable Bauble Refraction: Blue
[&AgHEMAEAAA==]Ascended Kaiser Snake Longbow + Unstable Bauble Refraction: Red
[&ChEaAAA=]Kaiser Snake Sword
[&ChAaAAA=]Kaiser Snake Hammer
[&Cg0aAAA=]Kaiser Snake Longbow
[&ChQaAAA=]Kaiser Snake Short Bow
[&CgkaAAA=]Kaiser Snake Axe
[&ChcaAAA=]Kaiser Snake Dagger
[&ChUaAAA=]Kaiser Snake Greatsword
[&ChMaAAA=]Kaiser Snake Mace
[&CgoaAAA=]Kaiser Snake Pistol
[&CgsaAAA=]Kaiser Snake Rifle
[&CgcaAAA=]Kaiser Snake Scepter
[&ChIaAAA=]Kaiser Snake Staff
[&ChYaAAA=]Kaiser Snake Focus
[&Cg4aAAA=]Kaiser Snake Torch
[&Cg8aAAA=]Kaiser Snake Warhorn
[&CggaAAA=]Kaiser Snake Shield
1335490_0581Kaiser Snake Weapon Box

1335493_0643Double-click to apply to an unused infusion slot. Infuses armor with a Super aura.
[&AgHMMAEAAA==]Moto's Unstable Bauble Infusion: Red
[&AgHkMAEAAA==]Moto's Unstable Bauble Infusion: Blue
1335491_0482Unstable Bauble Refraction: Blue
1335494_0315Unstable Bauble Refraction: Red

Infinite Continue Coin
1419040_0308This coin grants ninety-nine lives when used in the Super Adventure Box's Game Over room. It must be in your inventory to use it, and it can be reused infinitely.
1373400_0966Back with a bonus Bee Dog Mail Carrier!
1419041_0499Show Moto an Infinite Continue Coin in Rata Sum to acquire this mail carrier. You'll need to purchase an Infinite Continue Coin if you don't already own one.

1419041_0223Mini Bomb
1419040_0075It's time for the Super Adventure Festival!
1335494_0926Double-click to choose an ascended orange Super Adventure Box weapon.
109842_0284Double-click to imbue another back-slot item's stats into this appearance (one-time ability).
1419041_0349Super Adventure Pack
1419040_0037Contains a Continue Coin, 2 Fancy Furniture Coins, 8 Baubles, and the personal thanks of Moto.
1419040_0929Box of Super Adventure Box Goods
1419040_0613Super Adventure Box Sets 1 and 2 Miniatures!
1419040_0933For a very limited time, a miniature Super Spider, Super Bee Dog, and Super Monkey come together in this limited-edition collector's pack.
1419040_0898Blast your opponents away with a Super Adventure Box Super Bomb finishing move in PvP and WvW. This is a permanent account unlock.
1419041_0108Storm Wizard Backpack Cover
1419040_0526King Toad Backpack Cover
1419040_0831Wooden Whistle

1323114_0330Bag of fancy furniture coins from the Furniture Proprietor in Super Adventure Box.
[&AgHCMAEAAA==]Bag of Fancy Furniture Coins
[&AgHuMAEAAA==]Fancy Furniture Coin
1313462_0750Painting of Moto
1323114_0198Super Cloud
1323114_0440Super King Frog
1323114_0384Super Mountain
1323114_0436Super Pagoda Column
1323114_0251Super Rock Platform
1323114_0182Super Rock Ramp
1313462_0922Super Rock Wall
1313462_0988Super Rock
1323114_0352Super Tree
1323114_0243Unimpressive King Frog