Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Upcoming features from the feature pack

These are the new items for this week's feature pack.


Items (part 1), features and UI


Home Instance
109871_0378This activates 3 plant nodes within your home instance for daily harvesting.
109873_0478Delivers an enchanted chest to your home instance that replenishes itself daily.

Beam me up!
[&AgHPBgEAAA==]Waypoint Unlock
[&AgHQBgEAAA==]Teleport to Friend

AP Skins
[&AgEUBgEAAA==]Radiant Chestpiece Skin
[&AgEVBgEAAA==]Radiant Legs Skin
[&AgEqBgEAAA==]Hellfire Chestpiece Skin
[&AgEnBgEAAA==]Hellfire Legs Skin

**Ultimate Survivor
109604_0459/ Exp without Death or Map Travel
109616_0457Gain __ experience without dying or changing maps.

Pinnacle Skins
[&AgEWBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Flame Skin
[&AgEXBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Kris Skin
[&AgEYBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Pistol Skin
[&AgEZBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Rifle Skin
[&AgEaBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Cesta Skin
[&AgEbBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Ward Skin
[&AgEcBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Short Bow Skin
[&AgEdBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Wake Skin
[&AgEeBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Spire Skin
[&AgEfBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Mace Skin
[&AgEgBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Trident Skin
[&AgEhBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Harbinger Skin
[&AgEiBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Blade Skin
[&AgEjBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Scroll Skin
[&AgEkBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Avenger Skin
[&AgElBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Thunder Skin
[&AgEmBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Reaver Skin
[&AgEoBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Impaler Skin
[&AgEpBgEAAA==]Pinnacle Recurve Bow Skin

Updated Halloween 2012 Skins
109785_1003Ghastly Grinning Shield
109785_1004Scythe Staff
109785_1006Grinning Gourd Rifle
109804_0415Chain Sword

109875_0684Miniature Unlocked
109871_03762-Pack of PvP Miniatures
109871_0377Contains 1 of each of these miniatures: • Mini Chieftain Utahein • Mini Svanir Each mini can be activated from your inventory to follow you around the world.
109873_0629Mini Svanir[s]
109873_0632Mini Chieftain Utahein[s]
109871_03833 Pack of World vs. World Miniatures!
109871_0384Contains 1 of each of these miniatures: • Mini Snow Owl • Mini Hawk • Mini Raven Each mini can be activated from your inventory to follow you around the world.

109871_0372Contains one of 25 random colors handpicked by Taimi. Includes the possibility of six exclusive electro colors created by Taimi.
[&AgHZBgEAAA==]Electro Lime
[&AgHYBgEAAA==]Electro Peach
[&AgHVBgEAAA==]Electro Lemon
[&AgHUBgEAAA==]Electro Pink
[&AgHXBgEAAA==]Electro Blue
[&AgHWBgEAAA==]Electro Purple

109873_0577Virulent Amulet
109873_0578Virulent Ring

Karma rewards
109873_0539Karmic Converter
109873_0537Double-click to trade karma for something useful. Can only buy one item per day.
109873_0516Tiny Karmic Crafting Bag[s]
109873_0517Small Karmic Crafting Bag[s]
109873_0518Light Karmic Crafting Bag[s]
109873_0500Medium Karmic Crafting Bag[s]
109873_0521Large Karmic Crafting Bag[s]
109873_0505Heavy Karmic Crafting Bag[s]

UI Changes
109875_0859Auto Deposit Materials Enabled
109875_0860Auto Deposit Materials Disabled
109876_0120Your pending armor changes are not displayed because you are on the miniatures panel.
109876_0118Add miniatures to your collection, or browse and equip minis from your current collection.
109876_0134You cannot apply a locked miniature. You must unlock it first, or reset the preview.
109876_0007Automatically displays other player miniatures at lowest LOD level.
109876_0020Miniatures LOD
109876_0025How far away you can see other player's miniatures.
109876_0137Put a full-body outfit on your character, or preview locked and unlocked outfits.
109876_0122You cannot apply a locked outfit. You must unlock it first, or reset the preview.
109876_0138You cannot apply a locked finisher. You must unlock it first, or reset the preview.
109876_0027Standard Enemy Models:
109876_0028Enemy players will appear as standard characters in the appropriate game formats. -Custom Arena with Tournament Commands -Team Arena
109876_0029All players appear as standard characters.
109876_0032View competitive visuals in ranked and custom arenas with tournament commands enabled.
109875_0956Warning: This message is from an unverified sender. It was not sent by ArenaNet.
109875_0957This is an official message from ArenaNet
109875_1003The content guide is disabled.
109875_1005The content guide will ignore personal story.
109875_1008Hide Events and Personal Story
109875_1010The content guide highlights a default set of objectives.
109876_0001The content guide only highlights objectives related to map completion.
109876_0002AlienFX will be enabled. This may take several seconds.
109876_0003Enable AlienFX
109876_0004Enables enhanced lighting effects. Requires Alienware PCs or devices that support AlienFX technology.
109875_0998Do you see a changing light pattern on your supported Alienware devices?
109875_1000Third-Party Peripherals
109876_0051You unlocked a new icon.
109876_0056Would you like to use it now?
109859_0103Retired Achievements

Overflows and Megaservers
109874_0941Movement speed increased by 15% (PvE Only) Karma gain increased by 5% Experience from kills increased by 10%
109874_0942Volunteer's Blessing
109875_0661Guild Instance Transit Query
109875_0667Join your guild in __.
109875_0673Join your party in a Guild Instance?
109875_0674Are you sure?
109875_0958There are few players remaining on this map. Would you like to move to a more populated version of this same map?
109875_0959Volunteer reward:
109875_0962You have __ to volunteer before the map closes.
109875_0963Because of a recent arrival of players, this map is no longer a candidate to be closed.
109876_0061You are already in a squad. You must leave the current squad and then create a new one.

Recipes (thanks /u/howellq !)
[&CkMmAAA=]Superior Sigil of Cleansing
[&CkQmAAA=]Superior Rune of the Trapper
[&CkUmAAA=]Superior Sigil of Cruelty
[&CkYmAAA=]Superior Sigil of Incapacitation
[&CkcmAAA=]Superior Rune of Radiance
[&CkgmAAA=]Superior Rune of Evasion
[&CkkmAAA=]Krait Tuning Crystal
[&CkomAAA=]Hylek Maintenance Oil
[&CksmAAA=]Ogre Sharpening Stone

Items part 2


AP Skins
109875_0040Radiant Leggings
109875_0041Radiant Brigandine
109875_0042Radiant Hauberk
109875_0043Radiant Chausses
109875_0044Radiant Legguards
109875_0045Radiant Cuirass
109875_0046Hellfire Hauberk
109875_0047Hellfire Chausses
109875_0048Hellfire Brigandine
109875_0049Hellfire Leggings
109875_0050Hellfire Cuirass
109875_0051Hellfire Legguards

PvP / WvW
109875_0052Mist Invader's Helm
109875_0053Mist Invader's Shoulder
109875_0054Mist Herald's Back Item
109875_0056Glorious Hero's Breastplate
109875_0057Glorious Hero's Gauntlets
109875_0058Glorious Hero's Wargreaves
109875_0059Ardent Glorious Footgear
109875_0060Glorious Hero's Plate Helm
109875_0061Glorious Hero's Legplates
109875_0062Glorious Hero's Pauldrons
109875_0063Glorious Hero's Footgear
109875_0064Glorious Hero's Raiment
109875_0065Glorious Hero's Armguards
109875_0066Glorious Hero's Crown
109875_0067Glorious Hero's Leggings
109875_0068Glorious Hero's Epaulets
109875_0069Glorious Hero's Shinplates
109875_0070Glorious Hero's Brigandine
109875_0072Glorious Hero's Wristplates
109875_0073Glorious Hero's Cap
109875_0074Glorious Hero's Legguards
109875_0086Glorious Hero's Shoulderguards
109875_0087Glorious Breastplate
109875_0089Ardent Glorious Shoulderguards
109875_0090Ardent Glorious Crown
109875_0092Ardent Glorious Wargreaves
109875_0094Ardent Glorious Breastplate
109875_0095Ardent Glorious Gauntlets
109875_0096Ardent Glorious Plate Helm
109875_0097Ardent Glorious Legplates
109875_0102Ardent Glorious Pauldrons
109875_0105Ardent Glorious Raiment
109875_0107Ardent Glorious Armguards
109875_0108Ardent Glorious Leggings
109875_0111Ardent Glorious Epaulets
109875_0114Ardent Glorious Shinplates
109875_0117Ardent Glorious Brigandine
109875_0119Ardent Glorious Wristplates
109875_0124Ardent Glorious Cap
109875_0104Glorious Shoulderguards
109875_0129Glorious Epaulets
109875_0137Glorious Leggings
109875_0138Glorious Crown
109875_0140Glorious Armguards
109875_0143Glorious Raiment
109875_0145Glorious Footgear
109875_0147Glorious Pauldrons
109875_0148Glorious Legplates
109875_0149Glorious Plate Helm
109875_0150Glorious Gauntlets
109875_0151Glorious Legguards
109875_0152Glorious Cap
109875_0153Glorious Wristplates
109875_0155Glorious Brigandine
109875_0157Glorious Shinplates
109875_0158Glorious Wargreaves

109875_0165Simple Artificer's Backpack
109875_0167Intricate Jeweler's Backpack
109875_0168Elegant Tailor's Backpack
109875_0169Practical Armorsmith's Backpack
109875_0171Simple Tailor's Backpack
109875_0174Elegant Weaponsmith's Backpack
109875_0176Ornate Weaponsmith's Backpack
109875_0177Ambrosial Chef's Backpack
109875_0178Sturdy Weaponsmith's Backpack
109875_0180Simple Weaponsmith's Backpack
109875_0181Elegant Leatherworker's Backpack
109875_0183Ornate Leatherworker's Backpack
109875_0185Intricate Leatherworker's Backpack
109875_0186Sturdy Leatherworker's Backpack
109875_0188Simple Leatherworker's Backpack
109875_0189Sturdy Artificer's Backpack
109875_0190Intricate Artificer's Backpack
109875_0196Ornate Artificer's Backpack
109875_0197Elegant Artificer's Backpack
109875_0199Simple Armorsmith's Backpack
109875_0203Sturdy Armorsmith's Backpack
109875_0204Intricate Armorsmith's Backpack
109875_0207Ornate Armorsmith's Backpack
109875_0210Elegant Armorsmith's Backpack
109875_0211Intricate Weaponsmith's Backpack
109875_0213Intricate Tailor's Backpack
109875_0214Ornate Tailor's Backpack
109875_0216Sturdy Tailor's Backpack
109875_0218Ornate Huntsman's Backpack
109875_0220Simple Huntsman's Backpack
109875_0221Intricate Huntsman's Backpack
109875_0222Sturdy Huntsman's Backpack
109875_0223Elegant Huntsman's Backpack
109875_0224Practical Huntsman's Backpack
109875_0225Practical Jeweler's Backpack
109875_0226Savory Chef's Backpack
109875_0227Practical Leatherworker's Backpack
109875_0228Practical Tailor's Backpack
109875_0229Practical Weaponsmith's Backpack
109875_0230Spirit Smith

109872_0655Barking Dog
109872_0663Barking Wolf
109872_0671Ram's Sigh
109872_0674Glaukon's Greeting
109872_0675Big Grin
109872_0676Little Smirk
109872_0677Razor Shard
109872_0678Hand Furnace
109872_0679Fury Unleashed
109872_0681Forge Gavel
109872_0682Gritted Bayonet
109872_0683Smodur's Charge
109872_0684Chiminea Ward
109872_0687Titan's Brand
109872_0694Serrated Fate
109872_0695Bent Circuit
109872_0696Problem Solver
109872_0697War Auger
109872_0700Gladium Prod
109872_0701Geared Maw
109872_0702Impulse Spire
109872_0704Legion's Light
109872_0705Charr Alarm Clock
109872_0708Short-Tailed Shot
109872_0710Darkdevoted Kris
109872_0711Rota Misfortuna
109872_0716Crack o' Red Dawn
109872_0717Ominous Egg
109872_0718Shell of Secrets
109872_0719Returner's Gaff
109872_0721Lantern of the Lost
109872_0722Eerie Conch
109872_0723Barnacle Scraper
109872_0724Dutiful Armament
109872_0725Ulix's Stoutbow
109872_0726Artem's Needler
109872_0727Cherub's Claw
109872_0729Centaur's Doom
109872_0731Balt's Pillar
109872_0732Duma's Musket
109872_0733Chorister's Virge
109872_0734Sacred Circle
109872_0735Croisier Guardant
109872_0736Ayala's Rinblade
109872_0737Lambent Sconce
109872_0738Orison of Salma
109872_0739Dolorous Axe
109872_0741Redeye Maul
109872_0743Dendritic Avenger
109872_0745Tarnished Hewer
109872_0751Pulse Hammer
109872_0752Slatebound Star
109872_0753Rock Carbine
109872_0756Discharging Pole
109872_0758Phosphor Brand

Runes, sigils and Inscriptions
109874_0046Superior Rune[s] of the Trapper
109874_0049Superior Sigil[s] of Cleansing
109874_0054Superior Sigil[s] of Cruelty
109874_0058Superior Rune[s] of Radiance
109874_0060Superior Sigil[s] of Incapacitation
109874_0065Superior Rune[s] of Evasion
109872_0023Ineffable Seasoned Inscription[s]
109872_0024Master Vacillating Ineffable Inscription
109872_0025Ineffable Hard Inscription[s]
109872_0026Master Saturated Ineffable Inscription
109872_0027Ineffable Darksteel Plated Inscription[s]
109872_0028Ineffable Elder Inscription[s]
109872_0029Ineffable Mithril Plated Inscription[s]
109872_0030Rare Saturated Ineffable Inscription
109872_0031Used in the crafting of weapons with a flexible nature.
109872_0032Ineffable Mithril Imbued Inscription[s]
109872_0049Used in the crafting of armor with a flexible nature.
109872_0036Ineffable Cotton Insignia
109872_0037Master Vacillating Ineffable Insignia
109872_0038Ineffable Linen Insignia
109872_0039Master Saturated Ineffable Insignia
109872_0040Ineffable Intricate Linen Insignia
109872_0041Ineffable Silk Insignia
109872_0043Ineffable Embroidered Silk Insignia
109872_0044Rare Saturated Ineffable Insignia
109872_0045Ineffable Intricate Silk Insignia
109872_0046Ineffable Embroidered Gossamer Insignia
109872_0047Ineffable Intricate Gossamer Insignia
109872_0049Used in the crafting of armor with a flexible nature.

Rewards and Ascended dungeon trinkets


Ascalonian Catacombs
109873_0490Magnificent Ascalonian Chest[s]
109873_0489Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear, obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the ascended accessory Adelbern's Burden.
[&AgHeBgEAAA==]Adelbern's Burden
[&AgHgBgEAAA==]Adelbern's Burden
109873_0666"You will join my kingdom! You and all the world of the living!"—King Adelbern

Caudecus's Manor
109873_0486Magnificent Nobleman's Chest[s]
109873_0485Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear, obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the ascended accessory DeLana's Coinpurse.
[&AgHiBgEAAA==]DeLana's Coinpurse
[&AgHnBgEAAA==]DeLana's Coinpurse
109873_0672"Fools! You've let her slip her bonds!" - Separatist Captain DeLana

Twilight Arbor
109873_0482Magnificent Nightmare Court Chest[s]
109873_0481Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear, obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the ascended accessory Faolain's Blossom.
[&AgHrBgEAAA==]Faolain's Blossom
[&AgHoBgEAAA==]Faolain's Blossom
109873_0680"Here at last, dearheart. Are you prepared to join me?" - Grand Duchess Faolain

Sorrow's Embrace
109873_0488Magnificent Dredge Chest[s]
109873_0487Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear, obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the ascended accessory Forgeman's Gear.
[&AgHlBgEAAA==]Forgeman's Gear
[&AgHcBgEAAA==]Forgeman's Gear
109873_0662"If you survive long enough to follow me, I'd love to show you my latest creation." - Kudu

Citadel of Flame
109873_0495Magnificent Flame Legion Chest[s]
109873_0494Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear, obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the ascended accessory Baelfire's Ember.
[&AgHjBgEAAA==]Baelfire's Ember
[&AgHdBgEAAA==]Baelfire's Ember
109873_0664"You cannot stop me from becoming a god!" - Imperator Gaheron Baelfire

Honor of the Waves
109873_0497Magnificent Inquest Chest[s]
109873_0496Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear, obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the ascended accessory Kudu's Phasing Matrix.
[&AgHfBgEAAA==]Kudu's Phasing Matrix
[&AgHhBgEAAA==]Kudu's Phasing Matrix
109873_0668"You realize I have a small army of golems on my side." - Kudu

Crucible of Eternity
109873_0493Magnificent Kodan Chest[s]
109873_0491Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear, obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the ascended accessory Bane's Tooth.
[&AgHqBgEAAA==]Bane's Tooth
[&AgHpBgEAAA==]Bane's Tooth
109873_0682"Drink deep, and grant me your power!" - Kodan's Bane, The Huntsman of Jormag

The Ruined City of Arah
109873_0484Magnificent Orrian Chest[s]
109873_0483Contains dragonite ore, rare and exotic gear, obsidian shards, champion loot bags, and the ascended accessory Zhaitan's Claw.
[&AgHmBgEAAA==]Zhaitan's Claw
[&AgHkBgEAAA==]Zhaitan's Claw
109873_0675"Something big is coming." - Captain Vandem

109873_0499Dungeoneer's Grandmaster Chest[s]
109873_0498Contains a vision crystal, rare gear, and a unique exotic weapon.

Personal Story
109873_1002Let the loss of Ysvelta be a constant reminder of why we must stay strong against the Nightmare. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1004Bercilak was a powerful foe, and you bested him in fair combat. Be proud of yourself. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1005With Korag gone, his remaining tribe may finally know peace. Take pride in their new beginning, Slayer. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1006If not for you, there's no telling what Vidkun would have done to Minotaur. You saved a Spirit of the Wild—no small task. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1007Even while acting as bait for Two-Blade Pete, you showed great courage. The Seraph, and I personally, owe you for your service. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1009We never would have discovered the depths of Zamon's treachery without you. You've made me, the Seraph, and Kryta very proud. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1010It's a great shame that Serentine's betrayal went unnoticed for so long. You've restored the reputation of the Seraph, and for that I'm sincerely grateful. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1011As both man and ghost, Warmaster Lebofski's sent more than a few charr to the grave. And you stood up to him. Seems I was right about you. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1013To keep cool while things heat up is a rare quality. You're a true testament to the Blood Legion. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1014Today you showed me cunning can cut deeper than a knife. Trybulus had us outnumbered, but we persevered. Good work. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1015After your riveting success today, you deserve applause. Don't let Teyo's deeds sully what you've accomplished. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1018Gadd's lab was quite the fortuitous discovery. There were...unforeseen side effects, but you handled yourself brilliantly. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1019Astounding work! Kazz and Doxa couldn't be happier. Thanks to you, we've made amazing breakthroughs in metalurmagical bioessence divergences. Double-click to gain 50 luck.
109873_1020We'd have lost much had the stag died. Today was a triumph for nature, thanks to you. Double-click to gain 50 luck.

109873_0440Double-click to choose a piece of ascended armor.
109873_0441Contains your choice of a unique exotic weapon.
109873_0442Grand Weapon Crate[s]
109873_0450Jormag Defender's Kit
109873_0449Contains 10 icy runestones, obsidian shards, essence of luck, and rare and exotic gear.
109873_0452Ogre Sharpening Kit
109873_0451Contains the recipe and ingredients to craft ogre sharpening stones.
109873_0460Dwayna's Reliquary
109873_0458Contains obsidian shards, essence of luck, and rare and exotic gear.
109873_0462Regal Bag[s] of Goods
109873_0461Contains a lesser vision crystal, dark matter, and obsidian shards.
109873_0471Big Bag[s] of Junk
109873_0470Standard issue skritt kit, mostly full of garbage.
109873_0476Grawl Supply Sack[s]
109873_0475Contains obsidian shards, essence of luck, and rare gear.
109873_0537Double-click to trade karma for something useful. Can only buy one item per day.
109873_0539Karmic Converter
109873_0502Bag[s] of Scrap
109873_0501Contains salvageable items.
109873_0504Bag[s] of Educational Supplies
109873_0503Contains Scrolls and Tomes of Knowledge.
109873_0523Bag[s] of Obsidian
109873_0522Contains 3 Obsidian Shards
109873_0507Medium Bag[s] of Obsidian
109873_0506Contains 5 Obsidian Shards
109873_0509Large Bag[s] of Obsidian
109873_0508Contains 10 Obsidian Shards
109873_0511Bag[s] of Dragonite Ore
109873_0510Contains dragonite ore. Double-click to open.
109873_0513Bag[s] of Empyreal Fragments
109873_0512Contains 50 Empyreal Fragments.
109873_0515Bag[s] of Bloodstone Dust
109873_0514Contains 50 Piles of Bloodstone Dust.
109873_0524Bag[s] of Masterwork Gear
109873_0525Bag[s] of Rare Gear
109873_0526Bag[s] of Jewels
109873_0528Rune Bag[s]
109873_0531Sigil Bag[s]
109873_0534Trophy Bag[s]

Scavenging and collections


109636_0718Collect all __ treasures from locations around Tyria.
109857_0329Exotic Attire
109857_0338Unlock these __ crafted exotic armor skins in your wardrobe.
109663_0219Fractal Master
109690_0981Unlocked / Fractal Weapon Skins
109616_0457Gain __ experience without dying or changing maps.
109636_0710Consume __ ales from around Tyria.
109858_0987Collect all of the spoon trinkets of Tyria.
109805_0356Style Guide
109810_0724Collect and review various written works of Tyria.
109811_0743Hero of the People
109812_0149Collect and open all five tiers of the Centaur, Flame Legion, Svanir, Nightmare Court, and Inquest champion loot bags.
109767_0570Ogre Expert
109791_0227Unlock all of the ogre weapons in your wardrobe, and collect an Ogre Tooth.
109812_0152Hylek Historian
109813_0462Unlock all of the hylek weapons in your wardrobe, and collect a Hylek Tongue.
109857_0228Krait Antiquarianism Study
109857_0290Unlock all of the krait weapons in your wardrobe, and collect a Krait Scale.
109857_0291Fine Dining
109857_0293Consume __ various steaks from around Tyria.
109857_0294Fine Wining
109857_0296Consume __ wines from around Tyria.
109857_0297Utility Utilizer
109857_0301Used / Utility Boosts
109857_0304Trash Collector
109857_0306Collect these __ junk items throughout Tyria.
109842_0287Uncanny Canner
109842_0290Collect all __ jarred trinkets from vendors around Tyria.
109857_0356Acolyte of Dwayna
109857_0359Prove your piety by collecting all of the vestments of Dwayna.

109791_0801Citadel of Flame Collector
109805_0355Use Flame Legion Charr Carvings from Citadel of Flame to unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0226Ascalonian Catacombs Collector
109857_0227Use Ascalonian Tears from the Ascalonian Catacombs to unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0224The Ruined City of Arah Collector
109857_0225Use Shards of Zhaitan from the Ruined City Arah to unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109842_0291Twilight Arbor Collector
109847_0316Use Deadly Blooms from Twilight Arbor to unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109847_0317Sorrow's Embrace Collector
109847_0885Use Manifestos of the Moletariate from Sorrow's Embrace to unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109855_0095Caudecus's Manor Collector
109857_0223Use Seals of Beetletun from Caudecus's Manor to unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109813_0723Honor of the Waves Collector
109827_0025Use Symbols of Koda from Honor of the Waves to unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109828_0085Crucible of Eternity Collector
109828_0112Use Knowledge Crystals from Crucible of Eternity to unlock all __ weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
109858_0983Collect the ascended accessories from each dungeon.

BLC Skins
109857_0344Sclerite Weapon Collection
109857_0346Unlock all __ Sclerite weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0352Tormented Weapon Collection
109857_0354Unlock all __ Tormented weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0467Aetherized Weapon Collection
109857_0469Unlock all __ Aetherized weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0600Dragons Jade Weapon Collection
109857_0604Unlock all __ Dragons Jade weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0606Dreamthistle Weapon Collection
109857_0608Unlock all __ Dreamthistle weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0610Fused Weapon Collection
109857_0612Unlock all __ Fused weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0614Ley Line Weapon Collector
109857_0616Unlock all __ Ley Line weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0618Lovestruck Weapon Collection
109857_0620Unlock all __ Lovestruck weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109857_0622Phoenix Weapon Collection
109857_0624Unlock all __ Phoenix weapon skins in your wardrobe.

109858_0813Alpha Crafter
109858_0972Unlock all __ fine and masterwork crafted armor skins in your wardrobe.
109858_0973Rare Regalia
109858_0975Unlock all __ crafted rare armor skins in your wardrobe.
109858_0977Spirit Crafter
109858_0979Unlock __ spirit weapons in your wardrobe.
109857_0348Ascended Accoutrement
109857_0350Unlock these __ crafted ascended armor skins in your wardrobe.

109873_0540Unlocks the Hylek Historian collection.
109873_0541Hylek Tongue[s]
109873_0542Unlocks the Ogre Expert collection.
109873_0543Ogre Tooth
109873_0544Unlocks the Grawl Archaeological Study collection.
109873_0545Grawl Paw[s]
109873_0548Unlocks the Krait Antiquarianism Study collection.
109873_0549Krait Scale[s]
109873_0550Unlocks the Jormag Defense Guide collection.
109873_0551Jormag's Claw Fragment[s]
109873_0417Seal of Dwayna
109873_0422Created by imbuing a Superior Rune of Scavenging at the Krait Altar in Caledon Forest. This item only has value as part of a collection.
109873_0423Seal[s] of the Oratuss
109873_0424Created by imbuing a Superior Rune of Scavenging at the Glacial Trench in Frostgorge Sound. This item only has value as part of a collection.
109873_0425Enchanted Glacial Shard[s]
109873_0426Created by imbuing a Superior Rune of Scavenging at the Tamini Place of Power in Queensdale. This item only has value as part of a collection.
109873_0427Mark[s] of the Tamini
109873_0432Created by imbuing a Superior Rune of Scavenging at the Burning Forest in Simurgh Timberland. This item only has value as part of a collection.
109873_0433Burning Forest Crest[s]
109873_0434Found using the Enchanted Map whose pieces are hidden in hard-to-reach chests throughout Tyria.
109873_0435Enchanted Key
109874_0155The Enchanted Key is located somewhere in Kryta.

109872_0651Uncanny Jar
109873_0409Twister in a Jar
109873_0411Jar of Lost Souls

109873_0412Fractal Spoon
109873_0413Carved Bone Spoon
109873_0414Siege Commander's Spoon

WvW & PvP


Siege Disabler
109875_0037Deploy your trick.
109874_0103Unpack a siege disabler. This trick disables the use of enemy siege equipment for 45 seconds and piloted golems for 20 seconds. Costs 10 supply to deploy. Deployment Range: 1200 Effect Radius: 450
109874_0104Siege Disabler

Siege Golem Mastery
109875_0023+600 Power +300 Precision +3,750 Vitality +450 Toughness
109875_0024Siege Golem Mastery IV: Increases vitality and toughness
109875_0025Activate your golem's shield bubble to block projectiles. Also heals nearby allies.
109875_0026Healing Shield Bubble
109875_0027Siege Golem Mastery V: When the golem you are piloting dies, it explodes and launches you to a short distance away.
109875_0028Siege Golem Mastery V: Eject when destroyed
109875_0029Ejection Seat
109875_0030+600 Power +300 Precision
109875_0031Siege Golem Mastery III: Shield Bubble heals allies
109875_0032Siege Golem Mastery I: Temporarily increases movement speed
109875_0033+600 Power +300 Precision +1,800 Vitality +450 Toughness
109875_0034Siege Golem Mastery II: Increases power and precision

109875_0832This finisher is only available from the Black Lion Trading Company during seasonal special events. Visit the Upgrades category in the Gem Store to unlock it.
109874_0966Stake your claim on your defeated enemy's location in PvP or WvW.
109874_0967Guild Claim Finisher
109874_0968Avatar of Death Finisher
109873_0652Channel the power of the ley lines to finish your opponents in PvP and WvW.
109873_0653Summon a sinister scythe wielder to finalize your enemy's doom in PvP or WvW.

Fall Tournament
109876_0334Fight for your World in the WvW Fall Tournament!
109876_0335Fight for your world in the WvW Fall Tournament.
109871_0382Special Looksfor the World vs. WorldFall Season!
109859_0097WvW Fall Tournament 2014 Veteran
109859_0098WvW Fall Tournament 2014 Achievements: /
109859_0099Complete __ WvW Fall Tournament 2014 achievement[s].
109859_0104WvW Fall Tournament 2014

sPvP Tournament
109876_0332Heroes of Tyria battle it out in PvP to win a Legendary Weapon!

Locations and miscellaneous stuff


109874_0153Crystalline Grotto
109874_0154Deep in the Crystalline Grotto
109874_0428Crystalline Depths
109874_0436Tutelage Isles
109874_0436Tutelage Isles
109874_0173Combat Training Grounds
109874_0174Island of Trials
109874_0175Misty Woods
109874_0176Colloquy of Heroes
109874_0177Wandering Island
109874_0435Stronghold City - Castle
109874_0168Stronghold City Mercs
109874_0169Stronghold City Castle
109874_0170Stronghold City Siege

109874_0471Bowling ball
109875_0305Siege Ram. . . Kind of
109875_0575AHH DON'T LOCALIZE AHH, TextObjective
109875_0607Store is loading, please wait patiently.
109875_0441Important Golem That Needs Moving
109874_0205New idle about crafting 01!
109874_0206New idle about crafting 02!
109874_0207New idle about crafting 03!
109874_0235Sigh, so emo.
109874_0251Dumb, you're all dumb... Well I guess some of you might be mildly interesting.
109874_0253I don't know why I hang around those fools sometimes. They're ridiculous.
109874_0257Logan Thackary
109874_0255I'm so cool.
109874_0263Why so sloppy charr mans?
109874_0265Yeah, the ladies love me.
109874_0266Swoosh! Perfect hair.
109874_0268Eir Stegalkin
109874_0274A more loyal companion, I could never ask for.
109874_0275Who's a good doggy? Huh? Is it you? Awww, good doggy.
109874_0276Can't we all just be friends?
109874_0279Rytlock Brimstone
109874_0286What, you getting chilly Logan? Need a jacket for that hairless hide of yours?
109874_0287Don't you just wish you could sink your claws into that? Oh, my bad, you have stumpy human hands!
109874_0288Cub's games. That's what some people like. Give me a real fight!
109874_0289Ho, hum, sweet human sword.
109874_0290Tails are really where it's at. Those other races don't know what they're missing.
109874_0476Camera Facing Check Prototype