Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Upcoming features from the Festival of the Four Winds

These are the item codes and upcoming features from the Festival of the Four Winds. Enjoy!


109599_0365Double-click to unlock this outfit for all characters on your account.
[&DAkAAAA=]Ancestral Outfit

Mini pets
[&AgGoAgEAAA==]Mini Panda
109838_0274Bazaar Quaggan Mini Pack[s]

More customisation options
109598_0972New Faces! Only in Total Makeover Kits!
109598_0974Customize Your Combat! With a New Look!
109598_0979New Hairstyles! Only in Hair and Makeover Kits!

Crafting recipes
109771_0348Recipe[s]: Shadow Shoes
109771_0349Recipe[s]: Shadow Garb
109771_0351Recipe[s]: Shadow Mantle

[&AgGhAgEAAA==]Festival Welcome Gift
[&AgGgAgEAAA==]Bronze Boss Blitz Chest
109599_0162Double-click to open. Contains a single piece of masterwork or better gear.
109599_0168Equipment Bag[s]
109599_0169This box contains light, medium, and heavy versions of the Horns of the Dragon helm skin.
109599_0171Horns of the Dragon Helm Set
109599_0210Redeemable in the Labyrinthine Cliffs for a fabulous festival reward or in the Crown Pavilion for a Sovereign Weapon Skin.
109599_0225Favor[s] of the Festival
109599_0220Double-click to combine a Favor of the Bazaar with a Favor of the Pavilion to create a Favor of the Festival.
[&AgGuAgEAAA==]Favor[s] of the Bazaar
[&AgGvAgEAAA==]Favor[s] of the Pavilion
109599_0225Redeemable in the Labyrinthine Cliffs for various rewards and prizes.
[&AgGwAgEAAA==]Festival Token[s]
109605_0398Gauntlet Ticket Vendor
109605_0421Sovereign Weapon Vendor

[&AgG0AgEAAA==]Monkey King Tonic
109599_0185Double-click to transform into a dolyak calf for fifteen minutes. You will be unable to fight while transformed.
[&AgGmAgEAAA==]Endless Dolyak Calf Tonic[s]
109599_0519You've been transformed into a dolyak calf.
109599_0522Dolyak Calf

[&AgHmAgEAAA==]Ancestral Shoes
[&AgHrAgEAAA==]Ancestral Pants
[&AgHvAgEAAA==]Ancestral Gloves
[&C1AVAAA=]Chaos of Lyssa

[&C1IVAAA=]Phoenix Axe
[&C1MVAAA=]Phoenix Dagger
[&C1QVAAA=]Phoenix Focus
[&C1UVAAA=]Phoenix Greatsword
[&C1YVAAA=]Phoenix Hammer
[&C1cVAAA=]Phoenix Longbow
[&C1gVAAA=]Phoenix Mace
[&C1kVAAA=]Phoenix Pistol
[&C1oVAAA=]Phoenix Rifle
[&C1sVAAA=]Phoenix Scepter
[&C1wVAAA=]Phoenix Shield
[&C10VAAA=]Phoenix Short Bow
[&C14VAAA=]Phoenix Staff
[&C18VAAA=]Phoenix Sword
[&C2AVAAA=]Phoenix Torch
[&C2EVAAA=]Phoenix Warhorn

109599_1010You have been silenced. You will be able to use chat again in __

109599_1012You are already in the selected game.
109599_1019Daily Reward-Track-Points Cap Reached for Unranked Play

[&AgGtAgEAAA==]Sparkling Effervescence

Testing 123 Testing
109599_0417Test Finisher
109599_0542Summon Babies

New trait requirement descriptions.

109870_0501Find and defeat Sharky the Destroyer in Arca Lake of the Harathi Hinterlands.
109870_0502Find and defeat Captain Jayne in the Brigantine Isles of Gendarran Fields.
109870_0514Find and defeat the Giant Blood Ooze in the Challdar Gorges of Bloodtide Coast.
109870_0525Find and defeat Gargantula, the spider broodmother of Wynchona Woods in Harathi Hinterlands.
109870_0526Find and defeat the Krait Witch of Nonmoa Lake in Timberline Falls.
109870_0537Find and defeat the Champion Ice Wurm in the Posternus Caverns of Lornar's Pass.
109870_0538Find and defeat Lord Ignius the Eternal at Venison Pass within Lornar's Pass.