Monday, August 05, 2013

Alternate Universe - Evon Gnashblade wins - mail and audio from the dat file

As promised (and to get rid of people who keep insisting it was fixed from the start) I've made a small compilation of the things that would've happened if Gnashblade had won. Enjoy!
In-game mail:
Hello to Lion's Arch, and to all my supporters. You're in a league all your own. The Ship's Council has awarded me the seat, and I'm ready to get to the business of making us all a little richer. Here's how.
I'm going to enact the following changes:
  • Discounted Black Lion keys for four weeks.
  • I'll work with the Fractals to research the fall of Abaddon.
  • I'll dig into the secrets behind the Molten Alliance and Aetherblade pirates!
  • I'll sponsor a weekly rotation of more Southsun Survival, Sanctum Sprint, Keg Brawl, and Crab Toss games, just to keep things spicy!
—Captain Evon Gnashblade