Fortunes Vale

About the map

In April 2013 a mysterious map named Fortunes Vale showed up in the DAT file. It was located east of the borderlands and featured several distinct biomes. Fast forward a few patches later and the entire map and all assets disappeared without a trace from the DAT file, never to be seen again.

On this page you'll find most of the data that could be recovered from this older client. Or you can find a full playlist for the audio here.

Zone Map


The Crew

  • Escort Lionguard Tirzah to the first fortress
  • Escort Horvath the Horrible (later known as Hoddinjer the Horrible) to the first fortress
  • Escort Skymaster Loew / (later known as Skymaster Lobb) to the fortress


  • Clear the smoke obscuring the valley by driving back the Skritt.
  • The Skritt are stealing bandit supplies for their bonfire, seal their entrance tunnels


  • Battle for the Bandit Tree Town
  • Find the bandit quartermaster and escort him back to camp to repair the mortars.
  • Convince the woodland bandits to help you by defeating their leader
  • Bring metal to the bandit blacksmith to upgrade the bandit's weaponry
  • Kill the second bandit leader.
  • Earn the favor of the trapper bandits


  • Assault the Ogre Keep
  • Sandstorm Ogres
  • Slay the Legendary Ogre to gain resistance to the sandstorm.
  • Defend the Champion Ogre from invaders.


  • Defend the Aquaduct Control Obelisk from the Karka swarm
  • Secure the Aquaducts


  • Kill the Dredge Engineers
  • Stop the Dredge Machine Operator
  • Hack the dredge suits IFF system
  • Dredge Engineer Volron
  • Dredge Engineer Voltok
  • Dredge Engineer Volok
  • Dredge Engineer Voltin
  • Dredge Engineer Voltare

Armor or Weapons


  • Free the Norn Prisoners
  • Protect the shaman during his ritual

 Crazed Village

  • Defeat Watch Captain Robbins to gain the assistance of the Village
  • Defend Watch Captain Robbins from enemy invaders.
  • Kill the portal summoning NPCs to clear the town of crazed.
  • Kill Cultist ritualists before they corrupt the townsfolk and destroy the bridge.
  • Ritualist


  • Rescue the engineer team from elementals in order to repair the bridge.
  • Change the frequency so the elementals fight for you
  • Alter the frequency of the earth elemental nodes



  • Befriend Grizzles by protecting him while he hunts.
  • Feed rageflowers to Grizzles and prepare him for battle.
  • Slay sharks to convince the Hylek to help you.
  • Ally with the Gladiators
  • Defeat the citadel defenders.
  • Talk to the Worm Talker to be transformed into a devourer to find eggs for him.
  • Kill the giant.
  • Defeat the Sandworm
  • Sway the Griffon Master
  • Remove the Elementals from the upper keep area.
  • Engineer Rescuer
  • Ice Elemental Gatekeeper
  • Defend the Miners as they travel into the mine. Don't delve too deep!