Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Upcoming features from the April 28 update

These are the new items from the April 28th update


[&DBUAAAA=]Daydreamer's Finery

Mini Pets
[&AgEYEAEA]Mini Fox Kit
[&AgEjEAEA]Mini Bear Cub
[&AgEaEAEA]Mini Blue Drake Hatchling
[&AgEoEAEA]Mini Snow Cougar Cub

[&C1UXAAA=]Elegant Fan

Balthazar Skins
[&C2MXAAA=]Balthazar's Dagger
[&C2IXAAA=]Balthazar's Scepter
[&C2EXAAA=]Balthazar's Greatsword
[&C2AXAAA=]Balthazar's Staff
[&C18XAAA=]Balthazar's Warhorn
[&C14XAAA=]Balthazar's Shield
[&C10XAAA=]Balthazar's Torch
[&C1wXAAA=]Balthazar's Short Bow
[&C1oXAAA=]Balthazar's Axe
[&C1kXAAA=]Balthazar's Focus
[&C1gXAAA=]Balthazar's Rifle
[&C1cXAAA=]Balthazar's Hammer
[&C1YXAAA=]Balthazar's Mace
[&C1QXAAA=]Balthazar's Pistol
[&C1MXAAA=]Balthazar's Sword
[&C1IXAAA=]Balthazar's Longbow

HoT Beta
983710_0144Congratulations! You've won a spot in an upcoming closed beta test for the Heart of Thorns expansion. If you are signed up for the Guild Wars 2 newsletter, test details will be sent to the e-mail address on record for this account. If you're not signed up yet, you can join the mailing list at heartofthorns.guildwars2.com. Thanks for playing! —The Guild Wars 2 Team
986430_0107Portal to the Heart of Thorns Closed Beta