Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Orrian Syllabary Translator

With /u/barefootmatthew recently sharing the Orrian Syllabary I decided to create a fun little side-project that would automatically translate any text to Orrian. Some helpful information:
  • Only regular A to Z characters are allowed. Any other characters or numbers will be ignored
  • Press the little icon at the right side to increase and decrease the font size
  • Mouse over an Orrian word to see what originally meant
  • Read more about Orrian on the wiki


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  2. Hey, first of all I wanna say that i love the tool and I think it is amazing. However, one improvment to it would if you could copy the orrian text either as text or as a picture.

  3. Can this translator be adapted to data room software , I'm asking coz few my clients were interested in this. thanks in advance for your reply.