Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Upcoming features from the post Lunar New Year patch

These are the upcoming features from today's patch.


[&C/YWAAA=]Black Feather Wings Backpack

[&DBIAAAA=]Crystal Nomad Outfit

[&C/gWAAA=]Lord Faren's Rapier
109615_0021Lord Faren Tribute Weapon Skin

[&AgFLDAEA]Mini Golden Pig
[&AgFQDAEAAA==]Unknown (probably placeholder for new Rytlock mini)

Mail Carriers
109771_0615Raven Mail Carrier
109784_0394Parrot Mail Carrier
109792_0569Snow Owl Mail Carrier
109690_0488New Mail Carriers Available!
109690_0967New Mail Carrier Available!

244396_0829A random unlocked finisher will play each time you finish a downed enemy.
244396_0830Randomize Finisher
244396_0836Remove from Favorites
244396_0839Show Locked
244396_0858Hide Locked
244396_0861Add to Favorites

109891_0238You already know __ of __ recipes taught by this item.
109896_0539You have already learned this recipe.
244391_0892You already know all of these recipes!

Trading post
109875_0636This account already has the maximum amount of some items in this package.
109876_0028This account will receive additional copies of items previously purchased.
109877_0455This package contains the following items:
244396_0869Find in Trading Post

Random stuff
109873_0625Revenant Rytlock Brimstone


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